Nancy was the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of iVillage, the Web’s earliest and most successful online destination for women, where she served as President and Editor-in-Chief.  Started in 1995 when less than 11% of the people online were women, iVillage led women online to a 51% share by the time of the company’s IPO, by creating the first original programming for the Web, fostering women’s desire to connect into what became known as the “community” paradigm, and landing the first blue chip multi-million dollar advertising deals by offering sponsors a chance to interact with the female market.  iVillage was sold to NBCUniversal in for $600mm. 

00:00 Charlie Rose: In 1995, two women formed an Internet company intended to humanize cyberspace for women. Called iVillage, it is a network of sites addressing subjects ranging from careers and parenting to astrology. Today, iVillage has become the leading women’s network on-line, drawing three million visitorseach month. Last month, it went public. Its soaring stock instantly valued the company at $1.86 billion. Joining me now are the company’s co-founders — CANDICE CARPENTER, who also serves a chief executive officer; also here, NANCY EVANS, the editor-in-chief. And I am please to have both of them. Welcome to the program.